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From the leader in the manufacture of measuring equipment HBM - Hottinger Baldwin Messtechnik we offer:
Load cells and weighing indicators
We offer components for electronic scales from well-known manufacturer HBM. Wide range of load cells, beam load cells, weighing modules, weighing electronics, accessories and digital load cells with software support that will help you always get the right measure.
Strain gauges and accessories
Strain gauges and accessories that will help you experimentally to determine the load of a structure or component or to make your own sensor (force, vibration, strain)
Transducers / sensors
We offer a wide range of sensors for force, pressure, torque, displacement, vibration...
Universal and industrial amplifiers and software
Whether it is a mobile acquisition, measurement in industrial plant or in the lab, universal measuring amplifiers and software will facilitate the measurement in terms of any physical parameter.


In addition, in collaboration with our partner TRCpro from Novi Sad, Serbia we could help in other areas of measurement:
Noise and vibration in the human environment
Measurement of noise and vibrations become very important nowadays, from simple dosimetry of noise and vibration to complex systems for acoustic mapping.
Besides the measurement of noise and vibration related to human, today these measurements are becoming an important parameter for assessing the products quality. Measuring the noise intensity, the sound power, sound quality, acoustic holography are just some of the terms included in NVH (Noise, Vibration and Harshness).
Vibro-diagnostics and predictive maintenance
Full range of equipment that will allow you to avoid unplanned downtime in production. Systems for on-line and off-line vibro-diagnostics. Expert systems and software for interactive training.
Laser geometric measurements systems
Systems for laser alignment and centering of shaft and rotary machines axis, geometric measurements of metal processing machines, measuring of straightness,parallelism, centrality…Everything can be integrated into one system of measurement.
Thermo vision
Every day new areas of thermo-vision equipment application are discovered. We can offer a complete range of thermo-vision devices from the OEM sensors to camera with high resolution and wide range of temperatures.


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