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Industrial Amplifiers

HBM offers a unique complete solution for your process control - comprising transducers, measurement electronics, software and services. Benefit from the all-round competence of the global technology leader in test and measurement technology.
Together with HBM products we can be your reliable partner in industrial process control and offer you solutions for the complete measuring chain. Know-how that you can trust in: With perfectly matched components, set up rapidly and easily.
·          digiCLIP
·          MP85A / MP85ADP FASTpress
·          MP85A-S EASYswitch
·          PME
·          Clip
·          PACEline CMD600
·          PACEline CMA
·          MC2A / MC3
·          MGA II
·          DT85
·          MVD2510
·          MVD2555
·          FASTpress

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